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A senior visual graphic designer who is good at document beautification, PPT template design, graphic design, and he hopes to create better works in the future.


A senior resume creator with 5 years of experience in resume design. He aimed to make a perfect resume for you to stand out among others.

Rajesh Sarkar

Focus on graphic design, PPT template and resume design. With high quality and strong practicability as the design concept to design template carefully and do his best to serve all users!

Professional Guarantee

  • High Quality

    Senior designer, high-quality work design, high-quality service standards.

  • High Efficiency

    A professional designer team delivers highly efficient design services.

  • Troubleless

    Fully meets the needs of customers and pursues perfection

  • No-Risk

    No risk of copyright infringement, no risk to business

Frequently Q & A

  • 1、Q:How do I place a customization order?

    A:Customer contacts the customized business specialist> customer communicates and confirms detailed requirements and prices along with other information> ordering costs> the business specialist arranges for the designer to produce and deliver the product according to the agreed time.

  • 2、Q:When will I receive the source file?

    A:Before confirming the final draft you will receive the watermarked PPT image version or video version; after confirmation of the final draft with the designer, the copyright of the work belongs to you, and you will receive the source file of the work.

  • 3、Q:What if I am worried about the product not meeting my specifications?

    A:Upon completion of the customization, you have a chance to put forward your feedback and the designer will make the second modification according to your feedback.

  • 4、Q:Can revisions be made once the final draft has been confirmed?

    A:After confirmation of the final draft, we promise to provide 3 free revisions within 7 days (the revision scope is limited to layout adjustment). If the number of revisions exceeds 3 or additional content is added, you must communicate with our business specialist in advance and pay the additional fee for the specialist to arrange for the designer to complete.

  • 5、Q:Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

    A:If you are not satisfied you will receive a full refund! After confirmation of the sample, no refunds are provided. You can continue to work with the designer to revise the design until you are fully satisfied. If you are unsatisfied you are able to change the designer (change of designer can happen only once). If a disagreement occurs, the client manager will mediate; if the designer is found to be responsible you will receive a full refund minus a 20% service fee; if you are found to be responsible no refund will be given.